How to Plan Homeschooling through High School?

At the time of switching from Public School to Homeschooling, you need to keep a lot of factors in mind. And then, act accordingly and in a timely fashion.


Here are a few things you can do to smartly plan to homeschool through high school:

Identify your student’s areas of strengths and weaknesses
Before choosing an online program that rightfully suits your students’ learning patterns, you need to know a good deal about their interests, passions, and learning objectives. Only then can you make the right decision! This is the starting point that can provide a proper beginning to your child’s homeschool journey.

Go for the right program or curriculum
You must consult with your student at the time of picking out his curriculum! After all, it is your child who needs to do all the hard work! He should be able to enjoy learning. He should be able to experience a wholesome form of learning. This should be the main objective. So, make sure to discuss with your child before you select a program for him.

Get your child withdrawn from public school
In order to withdraw your child from a public school, you need to send a letter to the principal of the school and the superintendent of the district. You must know the rules for getting started on homeschooling. This set of rules usually vary from one state to another. You can withdraw your student from high school all the same. However, you must consult your state’s laws on how to notify the school district of your decision to homeschool.

Do goal-setting
Goal-setting is one of the most prominent steps to take. This needs to be done before you start your homeschooling adventure. You must define goals you want your student to meet, whether short-term or long-term. There are multiple goal setting worksheets available. You can use these worksheets to come up with an excellent goal-setting plan.

Plan ahead and plan smart
You can use planners to organize and plan to homeschool for your child. You can get yearly, monthly, and weekly planners. Go for a learning approach that works the best for your child. You need to focus on the concept of personalization here. Make plans early. Without a concrete plan, your child can only be as good as a headless chicken! So, it is more than important to come up with a proper homeschooling plan.

Homeschooling through High School
In case of homeschool high school kid, you and your child usually have a good deal of freedom and control over what to learn and how to learn. There are certain states that require certain subjects to be taught. However, in general, there is no particular way to teach them. Your high schooler can get ample “free time” to explore their interests. Your child can join field trips to effectively socialize while homeschooling. You must make sure to check out the school’s admissions criteria, in case your child is interested in joining a specific university or college. Try to review the high school requirements for educational goals. You must focus on this aspect at the time of doing your research.

Why continue homeschooling through high school?

Absolute academic growth
It has been statistically proved that homeschool students score way higher on college entrance exams such as the ACT as compared to their traditional counterparts. Most of the top universities recruit homeschoolers specifically. This is mainly because they are aware that homeschooling kids are necessarily independent learners. They surely take their academics seriously. With flexibility in learning, students need to be a lot more responsible and tactful than their conventional counterparts. They need to make the right career decisions. They need to take ownership of their learning. Only then they get to succeed in any homeschooling course.

A chance to explore personal interests
Homeschooling lets students explore their interests on a regular basis. With fewer distractions and more focus, homeschooling students are actually able to finish off their daily homeschooling course work early. Thus, they get a good deal of time to focus on their interests and many other activities. This pretty much helps them to determine a future career. It enables them to set up apprenticeships or internships in their fields of interest. Thus, homeschooling often transforms the kids into all-rounders!

Inculcating family values
Most of the parents decide to homeschool their children to instill their own values. Usually, no such family values are taught at the traditional school. Since homeschooling kids get to spend more time with their family members, they tend to share a strong bond with them. Thus, they usually tend to develop a good sense of morality and integrity. This leads them to transform into sensible adults. Also, they are better at decision-making. They give value to their family members. They know how to maintain a healthy balance between their professional lives and personal lives.

Making an escape from peer pressure
In a conventional school setting, kids often give into peer pressure. They are mostly compelled to do things they would never do on their own. Homeschooling allows them to mature early. The homeschooling learning environment helps them to make healthy choices without the pressure or influence of a peer group. But, most importantly, they can easily escape the evils of society such as bullying, peer pressure, bad behavior from teachers and peers etc.

Availing flexibility
The top reason for many students to resort to homeschooling or online schooling is flexibility. Today, flexibility is king. Every kid wants it. But, traditional schools do not provide flexibility. Thus, students feel pressurized unnecessarily. While homeschooling, students can work full or part-time while working on their high school course. Since online homeschooling can be done at any time of day and from any place, homeschool students can work day shifts. Thus, this level of flexibility is a big advantage for employers.

In order to homeschool your child, you need to plan really well. And most importantly, you need to execute these plans well!


10 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Online

It is pretty clear that the internet provides great learning opportunities for many kids. However, there is also a good deal of potential danger involved here. To keep kids safe online, parents need to keep a bit of check on them.

Here are the top 10 tips for keeping kids safe online:

Try to set limits
Make sure to establish a proper set of limits on the amount of time children may spend online. Keep a check on the websites they are visiting. As a parent, you must have control over the amount of screen time your child is maintaining. When you set a proper time limit, it can help your children to be self-aware as well.

Try to put the computer in a communal area
At the time of putting the computer in a central area, you should make sure you’re aware of your child’s online activities. Due to the availability of laptops and several mobile devices, kids have access to the internet through various means. You could simply make a rule of no devices allowed in the kids’ bedrooms when you find it important.

Make your kid aware of the concept of a digital footprint
You must encourage kids to think long-term prior to posting online. High school kids should be aware before posting something if they would want colleges or employers to see it. Kids should know that nothing on the internet is entirely private. Even if messages and pictures are sent privately, these can be copied and passed around. Also, the content posted online does not completely get removed.

Generate strong passwords
Encourage your kids to generate strong passwords. Try to explain how to come up with strong passwords that aren’t that easy to guess. You can check certain guides for ideas on how to create passwords that are effective yet difficult to hack. Most importantly, you must warn kids never to share passwords with anyone. They can only share the credentials with their moms and dads, but no one else. This is inclusive of their best friends and favorite relatives as well.

Try to explain that downloads are dangerous
There are many free videos and games that look attractive online. However, these can have harmful spyware and viruses. In a similar way, you must warn kids to not open email messages from people they do not know personally.

Try to keep personal info private
You should not shy away from discussing with kids what kind of info is appropriate to share online. Keep in mind that most of the kids do not share phone numbers, addresses, or birth dates. They should be taught that they should not enter Social Security or credit card information without a parent’s permission. Ensure that kids who are active on social networks always use privacy settings. This will limit what is publicly visible.

Embrace parental monitoring features
You can consider using parental monitoring apps with features like safe search settings, filters, and other locks, mainly with young children. Don’t depend on filters to keep young kids safe. You can make an effort to be present when they are online. You can also talk with kids about what kind of content is inappropriate. Try to set rules and expectations.

Ask your kids to be cautious of strangers
Keep in mind those online chatting needs to be primarily with friends and family. You must remind kids that people online might not be who they say they are. Children must never provide private information. This includes phone number or address or sending pictures to strangers. You can discuss what topics are fine to talk about online and what is not. Ensure that your kids know that they can come and confide in you in case something looks creepy. You can encourage them to directly block someone who appears way too creepy.

Familiarize your kids with the concept of digital citizenship
Keep in mind that the internet is highly anonymous. It can make kids say and do things that they wouldn’t do in reality. The truth is that telling lies or secrets and making cruel comments are typical forms of cyber-bullying. The present-age kids know that they should tell you if they ever receive mean comments or bullying.

Be communicative with your kids
You must plan to have a proper conversation about your family’s values with your children. You should share why kids should avoid content that is not that age-appropriate. Make sure kids know they can always come to you in case something happens that makes them feel really bad or uncomfortable.

You might even consider keeping computers in the living room, or a place where you are always nearby. This will help you to keep a check on your children. However, try not to be too interfering. Let your children have some level of privacy. Keep in mind that there are many internet blocking programs that can be used on home computers to limit the searches. Try not to rely too much on blocking devices. Give some freedom to your kids.

You must keep in mind that cyber bullies and predators online could be chatting with your children. You must go for filters and do your homework well.

Most importantly, talk with your children on their screen time and other such important topics. Remember that when you keep the lines of communications open with them, things can get simpler for you as well as your children.

Make your children aware of the family values. Teach him the importance of faith and self-development. Try to motivate them in every possible way so that they are self-conscious and go for the right ways to attain their long-term and short-term goals.

Students who are in an online school need to be extra aware of cyber-bullying and the negative impact of wasting time on the socializing sites. They need to set a time limit for being online. The assignments that can be pretty much complete offline should be done offline! Self-control is the key to online success.

Top 5 Reasons Your Child Would Benefit from Online Middle School Courses

Just like the high-school phase, the middle-school phase is also a critical period of time for any kid. This is mainly because it is a transition period between your elementary-school period and the crucial high-school period. Thus, the kid needs to be aware of his own skills and interests during this phase. Only then can he work towards his goals, when in high school. When he does not identify his true goals, he will have no clue what steps to take. He will be just like a headless chicken!


Online schooling is a top favorite of not only high-school students but middle-school students as well. Here are the top 5 reasons why online middle-school course can be just right for your child:

Learning time-management
Time-management is a very important skill to learn. It is beneficial for the student if he learns this skills right at the beginning of his course.

Students enjoy the opportunity to learn when they are well-rested and alert. Students tend to enjoy learning on a schedule aligned with their circadian rhythms rather than any rigid schedule, as in the case of conventional schools. Thus, the traditional school’s rigid system makes the child feel monotonous and tired. Online learning allows a young student to prepare his own schedule. Thus, he needs to have a good sense of time management in order to come up with a smart learning schedule. He/she allows time for leisure or sleep as well. Thus, he becomes a master at managing time in a way that is beneficial for him.

Pursuing his passions
In the conventional education system, memorization and mediocrity are often rewarded. There is almost no focus on the pursuit of dreams or passions. Most of the students who learn online are doing so because they are pursuing a passion that does not allow them to fit into the traditional school system. A perfect learning system is one in which students are able to begin exploring and developing their passions while they are in school.

Every child has his own passions, interests, and skills. The only catch here is that he needs to identify those first. He needs to do so at a young age so that he can utilize the remaining time in working on that particular skill-set in order to master it in the true sense. Thus, middle-age is just the right time to identify these special talents. Online learning is flexible and self-paced. Thus, the student can finish off his daily coursework faster. He can use the remaining time to identify his passions. This lays a solid foundation for the kid.

Focusing more on his coursework
Many distractions are cut off in an online learning environment. The biggest one is bullying. For traditional-school students, school is a huge distraction. It is mainly because, in this environment, the focus is often more on socializing and fitting in than on learning. In online classes, many of the regular distractions from socializing, to intercom announcements, to disruptive students no longer existed. Instead, online middle-school students can very well channelize their attention on learning.

Moving at a self-generated pace
One of the major benefits of learning online is that students can learn at their own pace. For some, this might mean they can demonstrate competency upfront. Some might be able to get credit for the class. For some students, this might mean moving at a slower pace and receiving additional supports if necessary. In short, to each his own! That is the beauty of self-paced learning.

Every child is unique and so is his learning style and pace. When students are given the liberty to follow their own pace, they tend to understand certain topics much better and end up performing well. This is the advantage of a self-generated pace. Thus, online middle-school students not only take a genuine interest in their studies but also end up reaching their true potential. It is not a shock that most of them end up gaining a wholesome learning experience.

Availing wider options
Providing online opportunities for students implies providing more choice. Most of the students can easily pursue study in areas of interest. They do not need to depend on the staffing limitations of their particular school. Thus, they end up choosing a course or subject of their interest, even if it is highly exclusive.


In an online middle school, students do not have to compete to share their thoughts and ideas. They get to enjoy the equity in the ability to share thoughts and ideas. Here, it is not just the student in the front of the room or the one with the loudest voice who is heard. At the time of learning online, the playing field is leveled. The learning opportunities are in place such as commenting on posts, videos, and student work or participating in discussion forums. These environments offer students with many opportunities to share their thoughts and ideas.

The online middle-school students can go ahead with a personalized schedule that meets their needs and also fits their unique lifestyle. There are many reasons that students might not be able to participate in the traditional classroom environment. Most of the students are often left behind. With online options, they do not have to be left behind. The online middle-school students can learn despite health issues that might get in the way of a traditional class setting.

Particularly, students who haven’t found success in the traditional environment due to health issues can thrive in online environments.

Students in online environments get ample opportunities to communicate with their teacher freely. In a traditional learning environment, it is often difficult to get the teacher’s attention. They might not want to have the discussion heard by the entire class. Online environments usually have structures in place where students can easily send private instant messages or emails to their teacher. This makes them feel as if they are a valid part of the online learning community.

7 Ways to Support a Child Who Is Bullied at School

How to identify Bullying?

Teasing is not always harmful. When it is done in a playful and friendly way, it can be fun. However, when teasing becomes hurtful in some way, it often gets converted into something called bullying. This is a disturbing behavior that needs to stop.

Keep in mind that bullying is intentional tormenting in physical, verbal, or psychological ways. It might range from hitting, shoving, mocking etc. to confiscating possessions. Common bullies bully by shunning others and spreading rumors about them in the campus. There are some advanced ones who use social media or electronic messaging to hurt their feelings.

Parents and school teachers must take bullying seriously. They should not just ignore kids when they confide in. Even the slightest hint of bullying should make the elders alert since it is too common these days. The effects can be serious, if not corrected on time. In the worst case scenario, the victim of bullying can commit suicide or his psyche can be stifled permanently.


Why do kids Bully?

There are many reasons for kids to bully. Certain times they pick on kids just because they need a victim. They mainly target those who are emotionally or physically weaker. This makes them feel important in some way. There are times when kids torment others because that’s the way they themselves had been treated before at some point. They even think of this behavior as normal. A lot of this results from the family upbringing or disturbances of some kind in the growing years. There are some popular TV shows even seem to promote meanness. These pretty much impact some young minds!

What are the signs of Bullying?

Your child needs to tell you openly about a particular bullying act. And only then will you know. This is the ideal scenario. However, sometimes, it might be visible as well if your child has visible bruises or injuries. Else, it might be really difficult to figure out.

However, there are some sure warning signs. Parents might notice kids acting differently in some way. They might suddenly appear anxious. Their appetite might be reduced. They might not get sleep at all. They might get moodier as well. When they start avoiding certain situations, it might be because of a bully.

In case you suspect bullying but your child is not opening up, you should find opportunities to bring up the issue in some way. You must let your kids know that if they’re being bullied or harassed or see it happening to someone else, they must talk to someone about it. They can talk to another adult, be it a teacher, school counselor, or family friend, or a sibling.

Ways to support a child who is bullied at school:

Listen well
When your child tells you about being bullied, you must listen calmly. That is the most important thing to do. Once you listen to the whole thing, you should offer comfort and support. Keep in mind that kids are often reluctant to tell adults about bullying. This is because they feel embarrassed. They might worry that their parents will be disappointed in them. So, as parents, you need to be calm, patient and logical in such a scenario.

Encourage open communication
There are times when kids feel like it’s their own fault. They feel that if they looked or acted differently it wouldn’t be happening. Most of them are even scared that if the bully finds out that they told, it might get worse. Some are simply worried that their parents won’t believe them or do anything about it. Most of the kids worry that their parents might urge them to fight back at the time when they’re scared to.

Remind your child that he is not alone
Make sure to praise your child for talking to you about it. You must remind your child that he or she isn’t alone. Tell him that a lot of people get bullied at some point. You must stress that it’s the fault of the bully and not of your child. It is your duty to reassure your child that he has your support and that you will come up with a solution.

Notify the school authority
Make sure to let someone at school know about the situation. It might be the principal, school nurse, or a counselor or teacher. They need to be notified since they usually monitor and take steps to prevent such problems on the premises.

Take the bullying seriously
If you hear that the bullying will get worse if the bully finds out that your child told you, take it seriously. You must approach the bully’s parents, if possible. Usually, teachers or counselors are the best ones to contact first. It is always better for a school official to mediate.

Make your child enroll in an online school
Online homeschool can just be the right option for victims of bullying. Taking online classes, they not only escape from the ugly situation of bullying but also get a healthy learning environment to get back to the track!

Talk to the bully’s parents, if possible
Before talking to the bully’s parents, you must be aware that parents also tend to go on denial if they think that you are being confrontational. There are some parents who behave aggressively. However, you should not be rude at any point. To maintain calm, try not to start with the bullying part. Make it clear that your purpose is to cooperate with the other parents to solve the issues between both the kids. In case nothing constructive comes up, try to approach the parents in a formal setting that comprises the school principal or teachers.

Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to bullying. There are many factors that come into play here. You need to consider all. These might include the age of the kids involved, the severity of the situation, and the specific type of bullying behaviors etc.

5 Reasons to Consider Completing Your High School Diploma

When you are an adult without a high school diploma, life can be really hard for you career-wise! Not only people judge you to be academically weak, but the door of massive opportunities actually shuts down for you. Good job opportunities are hard to find in this case. You might find that the only jobs available are part-time that usually means you don’t get benefits like health insurance and paid time off. However, things are different in the new digital era. Thanks to the advent of online high schools, adults can go back and complete their high school course online to get their high school diploma.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider completing your high school diploma:

Earning higher wages
When you have a valuable high school diploma, you stand a chance of landing your dream job! Too good to be true, right? If not the dream job, you can at least set your eyes on a decent job. It is doable only when you have a decent high school degree. In fact, there are many employers who blindly shortlist those with a high school degree. Even when you have a lot of talents, you might get eliminated if you do not have a high school diploma. A decent job is one that pays you well.

With a high school diploma, you are likely to get more advantages in the work environment such as the promotion or high incentives.

More job options
Not only can you try for any job but you can have more job options when you have a high school diploma in your hand. The more the options, the better chances of you to get into a job that will genuinely make you satisfied.

Sense of achievement
When you complete a high school course successfully, it is bound to make you happy and satisfied. You feel an unspoken sense of achievement. It is a sense of totality when people know that you have completed the rigorous high school course with good results. Thus, it boosts your self-confidence to a great extent.

Better college admissions rate
When trying to get through the college entrance, your high school diploma comes into play. It is one of the major assets that serve as a determining factor for you to get into the college. You are bound to make a good first impression in front of the college admissions officers when you have a high school degree.

Setting the foundation for higher education
When you earn your high school diploma, you are setting the foundation for higher education. It is another step toward getting better paying and more fulfilling jobs. Most of the colleges and universities offer night classes and online classes to accommodate students’ work schedules and other commitments.

Why to get an online diploma online?

Try not to let your daily adult responsibilities get in the way of you earning your education. While taking online high school courses, you do not need to sit in a classroom for hours a day to get hour diploma. You can take classes at your convenience. This way you can complete your coursework remotely. Online counselors can help you to decide what classes you need to get your high school diploma.

There are so many online high school diploma programs to choose from today. Students can easily find one that meets their needs. There are some programs that are focused on remedial coursework and job preparation. Other programs are designed for gifted students, on the college track and bored with the traditional classroom.

In case you didn’t finish high school, consider working toward your diploma through online classes. Getting your diploma could make a big difference in your life.

Not every online high school student learns solely through the internet. There are many traditional students who take a few online courses to make up credits, improve their GPAs, or get ahead.

Many accredited online schools provide adult online high school diploma programs that are available to help grown-ups qualify for employment or college. These are mostly fast-track options for adult students that need to earn a diploma.

There are certain online high schools that require students to log in during school hours and chat with instructors online. However, there are others that allow students to complete work whenever they please. You need to look into your learning preference prior to jumping into an online school. Make sure to choose wisely. Keep in mind that there is always an online high school that meets your needs.

Online high school schedule is almost the same as a traditional high school schedule
There are many online programs that have the same accreditation as brick-and-mortar schools. Most of the widely accepted online high school diploma programs are recognized by one of the four regional accreditors. Accreditation from the DETC is of great importance.

There are basically four types of online high school diploma programs. Firstly, there is the public online high school that is run by local school districts or states. There are online charter schools that are government-funded but run by private parties. Then, there are online private schools that receive no government funding and are not bound to the same state-wide curriculum requirements. Lastly, there are college-sponsored online high schools that are overseen by university administrators.

Acceptance of online high school diploma
When the online school is regionally or fully accredited, the online high school diploma secured from the school is no different from those offered by traditional schools. These diplomas are well-accepted by all of the employers and colleges. After all, they are a clear proof that you have survived the challenging learning environment, thus proving your credibility. Thus, online high school diplomas can be used for employment. Most of the elite universities offer online high school courses to facilitate students staying in desolate areas.

Online high school grads do not need to specify that they attended school online. After all, online diplomas are equal to traditional diplomas when it comes to employment.

The Online High School

Getting yourself educated on how online high schools operate in Rhode Island and the rest of the country will help bring you closer to the online education community. We understand that change can be hard and the transition from traditional schooling to modern day methods can be difficult. That is why we have student counselors and advisers on our team who are well-trained to help you with all your queries. One of the important aspects to consider here is the inevitable result of constant innovation in the field of technology – a gradually developing online environment.

Understanding the power of the web is what makes us one of the best online high schools in North Dakota. We’ve managed to get some of the best educators in the country on board and have also succeeded in developing a world-class online learning platform designed to offer your child the best opportunities to succeed. This is a key area where online education scores over old traditional classrooms. Students are provided access to the freedom they need in order to explore their subjects in a manner that’s best suited to them. We understand how competitive things can get, which is why we believe in preparing our students to be able to exploit their potential to the maximum.

online-high-schoolHave a look at the online high schools in Oklahoma and other parts of the nation currently churning out successful students every year. The quality and capabilities of these students passing out from such online schools is no different from the ones who’ve been exposed to traditional method of schooling. If anything at all, they seem to have a slight advantage over their conventional counterparts when it comes to adapting to a constantly changing environment. Making sure your child passes out from an accredited online high school is the first step to getting things right

.Forest Trail Academy is fully accredited k-12 school and registered with the Florida Department of Education. Moreover, our school is also regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI). While ensuring that the online school you’re opting for has all the right credentials, what really matters in the end is whether online schooling is the right option for your child. For that, you need to take a closer look at all the online high schools in North Dakota and the rest of the country. You need to stand up and take notice of the numerous differences in the manner in which these students adapt to the real world.

They seem to be much more confident about their ability to cope up with pressure of the world and a huge part of this comes from the fact that they’re more accustomed to adapting to their surrounding environment with the help of their personal skills. To give your child the best possible education, Forest Trail Academy provides you with a curriculum that has been aligned and articulated to the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. Our school is also nationally accredited by Middle States Association – Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA CESS).